Round table with big windows in hte background  in Aune restaurant onboard MS Fram.

Restaurant Aune

Aune is the main dining area on board. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served here and is included in your voyage.

The set dinners vary with a choice of meat, fish, or plant-based dishes.


The chefs at Aune rise early to cook your eggs to order, flip an omelette, or offer you a freshly-baked bun. 


The lunch includes a combination of ready made dishes and a traditional buffet selection - presented in small portions rather than large trays to prevent food waste and support sustainable travel.

Ingredients from around the world are used, but a Norwegian twist is applied through presentation, techniques and tastes. 


The dinner is a combination of buffets and set dishes. Aune serves 3–5 course dinners inspired by explorers from Magellan to Nansen and Amundsen.


This restaurant draws its name from a family of ship chandlers in Tromsø, Northern Norway, who supplied some of the great explorers as they headed into the wilderness.