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Providencia - Cultural Show

With influences from Latin America, Africa and the Antilles the music of Providencia is of la socca, calypso, mento, foxtrot, Jumping Polka, Shoteische and pasillo!

Included in your voyage
  • Music, percussion and dance performance
  • Cultural and environmental awareness
  • Difficulty level

    Level 1: Easy - suitable for most people

  • Duration

    45 min

  • Min. passengers


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  • Please note

    Performance is onboard

45 minute presentation of music, percussion and dance will be performed by a 15 member troupe of artists from the island. 

This group, which are a mixture of European and African locals, was established with the hope of keeping the island’s folklore and traditional dances alive, with the music inspired by the roots of many of the islanders. The group is composed of 16 people, 5 dancing couples and 6 musicians. They play & amp; dance salon rhythms such as: Pasillo, Scottish & Mazuca, from the European influences, and afro Caribbean rhythms such as calypso & amp; mento, which come from their African influences. The costumes are designed with these same influences in mind. 

Raizal Tribute New are also a theatre company, performing works of which are centered around island life and traditions. They work with the younger members of the community to enhance their cultural and environmental awareness. 

Practical information:

  • Performance is onboard - no walking involved
  • Wheelchiar accessible: Yes