Northern Lights

Tromsø - Kirkenes

The "Paris of the North", Northern Lights and North Cape. On the journey from Tromsø to Kirkenes we remain north of the Polar Circle for the entire sailing.

Day 1. Tromsø, gateway to the Arctic

We recommend you arrive early in Tromsø, giving you time to experience this beautiful city before you board the ship. The ship leaves at 18:30. On board you have time to enjoy the view from our restaurant, where a three course dinner made with local produce is awaiting you.

Day 2. Honningsvåg and Cape North

The day starts with a few hours in the meeting room. We stop in Hammerfest before reaching the gateway to spectacular North Cape, Honningsvåg. Up here you are only 2000 kilometers from the geographical North Pole. Standing on top of the 307 meter high North Cape plateau gives you a feeling of being at the end of the world.

The meetings continue as we sail east from Honningsvåg. On our way to Kjøllefjord the ship slows down and makes a brief stop by Finnkjerka. A local fisherman will bring us a fresh batch of king crabs, one of the ingredients in the amazing seafood dinner in the evening.

Day 3. Kirkenes, end station and turning point

When we arrive Kirkenes at 30 degrees east, you'll be further east than Istanbul and St. Petersburg. Nearby lies the Russian border and the Kola Peninsula. Spending time in Kirkenes gives you the opportunity to take part in some of the activities in this exotic Arctic region before sailing back home.

Prices for Tromsø - Kirkenes: From 301 € per person.

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