Captain on MS Roald Amundsen
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Safer together

Slowly but surely, society is starting to come together again. At the same time, many are wondering how exactly we can still stay safe even when together. At Hurtigruten, we have always had, and will always have, your safety as our first priority.

With over 127 years of experience, we have established strict procedures to protect you from infection. Now that we can welcome you on board again, we want you to know about the various actions we’ll be taking to keep you and those you travel with safe.

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What we do

  • High knowledge

    Every crew member undergoes a health check and have completed WHO’s official COVID-19 course for hygiene procedures and infection management.

  • Cleaning

    We have strict cleaning practices on board that have proven themselves effective time and again over decades of safe sailing.

  • Food service

    We will have more seating sessions and individual plating instead of self-service buffets. The kitchen will uphold its usual high standards of hygiene and quality.

What you do

  • Stay healthy

    Before embarkation, you will be required to hand in a health questionnaire which ensures the safety of you, your fellow passengers and our crew.

  • Keep a distance

    You should keep a reasonable and respectful distance from others. Markings on the ships will help you keep a safe distance while queuing.

  • Wash your hands

    Make sure you uphold good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Your experience on board

Be assured that we always follow all safety guidelines as recommended by the Norwegian government. We have such a strong track record with virus prevention that two of our ships, MS Richard With and MS Vesterålen, have been allowed to continue sailing the Norwegian coast between Bodø and Kirkenes throughout the lockdown period.

One reason for this confidence in us is because we already have exceptionally high hygiene procedures in place:

  • As our normal service resumes, we will be reducing the overall number of guests on our ships, giving you plenty of space around you when aboard.
  • In our roomy restaurants, we are adding more seating sessions so that there will be fewer people having their meals there at any time.
  • Instead of self-service buffets, our chefs will serve food directly to your individual plate.
  • The kitchen will continue to uphold its usual high standards of hygiene and quality.
Matservering om bord
Photo: Agurtxane Concellon Photo

Strict cleaning practices on board

Count on us to already have a range of strict cleaning practices on board, with the cleanness of each ship also continuously monitored. Regular microbiological samples are taken and sent off to laboratories for testing and we use UV light to check surfaces in cabins, galleys and public areas.

Independent inspectors are invited to conduct scheduled and unannounced visits to all our ships several times a year. The excellent hygiene on board our ships is not something we leave to chance. It is the result of effective controls that have proven themselves time and again over decades of safe sailing.

In addition to this,

  • Each ship will have a new team dedicated to ensuring communal areas are continually cleaned and disinfected.
  • There will be limited use of saunas, swimming pools and gyms.
  • We will also have appropriate markings on the ships to help keep a safe distance from others whenever queuing on board.

Your experience ashore and with excursions

When you travel with Hurtigruten, we want you to explore and really experience the places we sail to. Although we will need to regulate the number of people who disembark and board the ship at the same time so as to avoid overcrowding, you will still have opportunity to go ashore at several places.

The same level of care and cleanness will also be applied to the safe handling of your luggage at our terminals. Sanitising dispensers will be placed at the entrance to the ship and in other strategic locations throughout the decks. We ask that you always take care to disinfect or wash your hands anytime you leave the ship and when coming back on board.

We collaborate closely with local suppliers along the Norwegian coast to offer an exciting programme of shore excursions at different ports. The excursion programme will be continually adapted as each supplier works to implement heightened cleaning and hygiene procedures according to national guidelines.

We hope you will be understanding if you find that some shore excursions are not available, or that there are some changes from your original voyage description.

Hjørundfjorden, Norge
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Our staff and your well-being

All Hurtigruten crew follow national guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health at all times.

  • They have all recently completed the WHO’s official COVID-19 course for hygiene procedures and infection management.
  • Before starting work, every member of the crew undergoes a health check.
  • They have thorough first-aid training and can quickly contact healthcare professionals should any medical need arise.

Sailing along the Norwegian coast, we are also never far away from the health service on land. On board our expedition ships that sail to other remote destinations, we always make sure we have a doctor as part of the crew.

When on board, our staff will give recommendations via information screens, over the PA system and in person on how, as a guest, you can contribute to our efforts to reduce the risk of infection.

How you and others can help

Before embarkation, you will be required to hand in a health questionnaire. This will confirm that you have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days or that you have not travelled from or been in transit in another country than Norway the past 10 days. If you are not able to confirm this, we cannot let you onboard the ship.

Please understand that we may also take the forehead temperature of guests before they are allowed to travel with us.

The general instruction for all our guests is to keep a reasonable and respectful distance from others at all times and to carefully observe good hand hygiene. We also ask you to be flexible and adaptable if advice from the authorities changes and we need to make rapid and responsive updates to our current guidelines.

While we don’t expect it to become necessary, to be on the safe side, we also plan to reserve a number of cabins on board each ship for self-isolation. This means that if a guest does develop symptoms, we are able to immediately isolate individuals in their own comfortable cabin. Please act quickly to protect others and inform the crew if you feel unwell. We communicate with all the ports we visit and can easily access hospitals and health personnel on land if needed.

All of us recognise that fighting this virus is a collective effort. Each and every one of us plays an important role. For these measures to be effective, we really need your help. We are relying on you as our guest to cooperate fully with these practices.

They are first and foremost for your safety, the safety of your fellow passengers, and the safety of our crew who are there to serve you. Let’s beat the virus by showing that we can be safer together.