Safer together

Your safety is our highest priority. We’ve introduced several strict measures on all our ships, designed to keep you safe from Covid-19. We’ll be constantly updating these measures according to the latest guidelines from local authorities. You’ll need to agree to follow any current travel restrictions in the country where your journey starts and ends.

We’re proud to announce that Professor in Medical Microbiology, Ørjan Olsvik has joined our company as an advisor. He’ll be passing on his more-than-10 years of experience in infection control to our onboard medical teams, helping us operate in the safest way possible. Some of the organisations to have already benefited from his expertise include the WHO, UN, NATO and the CDC in the US.

Welcome aboard!

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What we do

  • Social distancing

    We are sailing on reduced passenger capacity and have changed how we run our restaurants, landings and facilities to give you more space.

  • Face masks

    All our crew wear face masks or face shields and follow the strictest hand sanitation protocol.

  • Testing

    Expedition: All crew need to show negative Covid-19 test prior to embarkation. Coastal: All crew need to go through regular fever checks and fill out a self-declaration form.

  • Cleaning

    We regularly disinfect the entire ship, including all cabins, using certified cleaning products.

What you do

  • Self-declaration form

    You must confirm you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms before being allowed to board.

  • Fever scan and rapid test requirements

    Upon embarkation and outside our restaurants, you will go through a contactless fever scan to record your temperature. You will need to agree to be tested if the fever scan indicates a high temperature.

  • Testing before expedition cruises

    Before embarkation, you will need to show a negative Covid-19 test, no older than 72 hours.

  • Face masks, social-distancing and hand sanitation

    You need to wear a face mask in all common areas of the ship, keep a minimum of 1 metre distance to fellow passengers and frequetly sanitize your hands.

Rules for entry into Norway

For our cruises in Norway, the Norwegian Government updates the official coronavirus travel restrictions continuously. You can find the most recent information here


To protect other guests and our crew, we need to ensure that those boarding our ships are Covid-clean and free from any infections. It is important that you are able to truthfully confirm that you have no symptoms of Covid-19 before you can board our ships.

Testing of crew and practices

The crew are there to ensure that your sailing is a smooth experience. To keep everyone safe, we ask each crew member to follow a number of stringent protocols.

Embarkation and disembarkation

EXPAND TO SEE VIDEO. Whenever you board or go off the ship, we ask all, whether guest or crew, to take a number of precautions, such as the use of face coverings, forehead scans and thorough hand hygiene.  


We have always followed the highest standards when it comes to cleaning our ships. These are even more enhanced with new cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

Social distancing

We have put down floor markings, increased in-cabin services, and adjusted how we operate so as to provide more socially distanced space for you when on board.

Face mask policy

Social distancing measures have been introduced on all our voyages. Our crew wear face masks or face shields in all public areas, when preparing meals in the galleys and when cleaning your cabin. Guests will also need to wear face masks in certain situations.

Food and beverage

Enjoying the delicious food on board is a big part of your experience sailing with us, so we’ve reorganized our restaurants to ensure that you’ll be able to stay safe while dining.

Shore Excursions

While following the strictest procedures and protocols on our ships, we work closely with our local excursion partners to make sure that our excursions are also in line with national and industry safety guidelines.  

Expedition Landings

When you’re on a nature landing, you’ll be able to walk freely within an area designated by your Expedition Team. You may remove your face mask as soon as you’re able to keep a safe distance from fellow passengers. 

Medical team on board

Every ship has a dedicated Health & Safety Officer and team on board. The team is at your service any time of the day when you are travelling with us.

Symptoms on board

It’s our responsibility to make sure that all our guests and crew members are protected against infections when travelling with us. Therefore, if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 during the cruise, please self-isolate in your cabin and alert us straight away by calling the reception. 

You have more questions? 


Our priority will always be to ensure your safety and that of our crew. In all circumstances when your booking is affected by incidents out of our control (such as national legislation), we always strive to find solutions in close cooperation with you.

We test the temperatures of all guests with a contactless scanner when boarding the ship and by the restaurant entrances. All guests must agree to being tested if their tempereature check indicates a high temperature.

Rapid tests are available on all our ships. We use Rapid tests to detect Covid-19. A test delivers results in 20 minutes.

There is a dedicated Health & Safety Officer on board all our ships. S/he will be working to carefully monitor Covid-19 measures and keep a tight control on all cleaning throughout the ship. At the coastal cruise along the Norwegian Coast there is in addition to the Health and Safety Officer, a nurse at work to secure your safety. On expedition cruises, a small hospital with a professional medical team, are ready to serve you at any time.

The medical team will be immediately consulted to conduct an on-the-spot, rapid-result Covid-19 test. If the test comes back positive for Covid-19, the guest will have to be denied boarding. All guests must agree to be tested before embakation.

We use the WHO’s colour categorisations of Covid-19 infections and associated guidance to decide if testing and possible quarantine is needed for guests arriving from high-risk countries.

Yes, it is possible you will not be allowed to join the cruise due to another illness aside from Covid-19. This is assessed by our medical team on a case-by-case basis. In order to ensure your health and safety on board, please tell us honestly from the start if you have any underlying health conditions.

Embarkation and disembarkation

We stagger all disembarkation in smaller groups and limit numbers on our transfer buses to allow space for social distancing. All guides, drivers and passengers are required to wear face masks.

There are floor markings to indicate adviced distance. Our crew will help help administrate social distancing at time of boarding and leaving ship. Check-in will be administrated in smaller groups.

Yes, but only for port-to-port bookings.

Facilities on board

You’ll be glad to know that all treatments are still available. We ask those with appointments to arrive five minutes before their treatment to avoid crowding. Showers and changing rooms will be locked, but you’ll be able to change in the treatment room instead.

The gym is open. Hot tub, pool and sauna are closed.

To keep you and other guests safe, we’ll be limiting use. Guests will need book time slots in advance to enjoy the facilitites. It allows us to disinfect and clean in between each use.


We have medical masks available for purchase. No cotton masks are sold or available on the ship.

Please wear a face mask in all public areas - except when seated in our restaurants. For situations out on deck where social distancing of two metre isn’t possible, please wear a face mask.

Restaurants / meal offers

We’re extending our opening hours and introducing all-day dining on our expedition ships. A reservations system will also help us regulate the number of guests per seating. This all means you’ll be able to social distance, enjoy sumptuous food and still receive a high standard of service from us. And we´ll not expect a long wait for our guests.

Yes, unless seated.

We’re introduced a take-away concept for all-day dining, allowing you to enjoy all meals in your cabin or any other public as you prefer. Room service is not available at our sailings, except if you should need to isolate in your cabin.

Since 2021, you have the opportunity to enjoy take-aways from the main restaurant for all three meals a day, allowing you to dine in the privacy of your cabin if you wish to.

All lectures and most activities on our Expedition cruises will be live-streamed to all cabins. TVs in your cabin also have access to a library of pre-recorded lectures and activities which you can watch on demand

Excursions and going ashore

While we plan to stop at all ports indicated in our itineraries. However, this isn’t always possible. Weather, ice and sea conditions may decide otherwise. Our priority is always your safety, even if it means having to adjust our itinerary and not calling at certain ports. This is just part of the excitement of an expedition experience.

For voyages on the Norwegian coast

There are no restrictions in the harbors we visit. You’ll be allowed to walk around freely.

For expedition cruises

Landings are conducted in close corporation with the local authorities. To reduce the risk of possible contamination, all groups visiting communities ashore, will be guided to reduce risk of outbreaks. This means that individual shopping and visits to restaurants/cafés aren’t allowed. On landings in the wilderness, guests may walk freely within an agreed area decided by the Expedition team. Your safety will always be our priority.

Face masks are required by both crew and guests during disembarkation, and the tender boats, and during the entire landing in a community. During landings in the wilderness away from other humans, face coverings or masks are not required.

Tender boats are disinfected before each group enters the boat. All pontoons and rails are disinfected, as is all personal equipment for activities after each use.

No. As part of our health and safety measures for guests on our ships, visitors aren’t allowed on board.

Injury or sickness onboard

We have available rapid diagnosis tests for Covid-19 on all ships. Tests are performed by our medical crew if the need should arise. A nurse is working onboard all Norwegian Coastal sailings. On all our Expedition Cruises, a full medical team is present in the ship hospital.

Please stay in your cabin and immediately notify us by calling the Reception. A medical team will come to your cabin to evaluate your condition. If you have symptoms consistent with Covid-19, the medical team will administer a rapid diagnostic test to confirm.

We use Rapid tests to detect Covid-19 on all our ships. The test delivers test result in 20 minutes.

There are many hospitals along the Norwegian coastline. We are never far from land and access to the onshore health service. In emergency situations, a helicopter can be dispatched to take you to the nearest hospital.

Yes, if a Covid-19 infection is verified on board, all guests will be informed.

In case of a ship-wide lockdown, food and beverages will be served directly to your cabin.

We will go staright ahead to the closest port, if the symptoms are verified as Covid-19 by a rapid diagnosis test, and the medical condition for the patient is serious.

Any Expedition crew member arriving from abroad will be required to quarantine for 10 days. The quarantine starts with a Covid-19 test and retesting again at least ten days before the ship’s departure. We test all embarking crew members twice for Covid-19 during the quarantine. All crew members need a recent Covid-19 test, no more than 72hours old and will have their temperature tested on a regular basis.Coastal crew members need to fill out a self-declaration form and have their temperature tested. If fever scanner indicates high temperature, the crew member will be isolated and tested for Covid-19. We have rapid tests onboard all our ships, providing test results in 20 minutes.

All crew members who start to feel unwell are isolated and we administer a rapid Covid-19 diagnostic test. If a crew member tests positive, s/he will be isolated in a cabin that is set aside expressly for this use.

Passenger and crew capacity

Yes, we sail with reduced capacity. As long as social distancing is recommended as a preventive measure towards an ongoing global pandemic we will operate with restricted passenger capacity. We have a variety of ships of different sizes, so the precise numbers of fellow guests will vary from ship to ship. This will enable you to keep a reasonable and respectful distance from others. There will be even more room on our already spacious ships.

Yes, you’ll be offered a voucher / value check covering the amount you’ve paid. You can then reimburse this voucher for another cruise with us.

No, we have increased the crew per guest ratio to accommodate for the extra cleaning and hygiene measures we’ve put in place. We always sail with a nurse and health officer by the Norwegian Coast. A full medical team is available on all Expedition cruises.


Although children are welcome, childcare services are not available on board our ships. As one of our Covid-secure measures, the children’s playroom will remain closed.

General information

Yes. Along the Norwegian Coast we are sailing in compliance with national regulations at any given time, and have done so for more than 125 years. Rest assured that we in Hurtigruten will operate in compliance with all rules and regulations set by local and national authorities wherever we sail. 

Please practice social distancing and wear a face mask in all public areas except when seated in our restaurants. For situations out on deck where social distancing isn’t possible, please wear a face mask. Wash and disinfect your hands frequently. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, please isolate in your cabin and call the reception immediately.

Ask any crew member on board and they’ll be able to direct you or ask someone to assist you. You can also call Reception from your cabin. There will be someone to answer 24 hours a day.  

On Expedition Cruises we sail with a full medical team and a small hospital. For saiings along the Norwegian Coast a nurse and a Health and Safety officer are onboard for your safety. 

You may ask any member of our crew. They’ll be able to direct you or notify someone to assist you. You can also call the Reception using the phone in your cabin.  

We use electrostatic cleaning with strong disinfectants in all common areas, storerooms and galleys every four hours, or more often if needed. We do a full disinfection of the entire ship in each turn-around. On Expedition Cruises we do a full disinfection of the entire ship´s public areas every day. All public spaces are disinfected with fogging of the ships restaurants and public decks using Drysan Oxy from Ecolab that have been proven and certified to destroy Covid-19 virus after 5 minutes contact time.  

We use external partners to conduct hygiene inspections on all our ships. Planned but also unannounced  inspections. 

We do regular checks of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) ventilator filters.  We survey the quality of the drinking water. • All cabins are disinfected after each turn-around and we welcome our passengers in a 100 % clean guarantee onboard environment using strict protocols. They are disinfected with a cleaning agent proven to eliminate viruses incl Covid-19 on all surfaces, certified by The German Society for the prevention of Virus Diseases (DVV) 

No air is circulated between cabins. Cabin-to-cabin transmission of air is not possible. 

This will be determined by the ship’s medical personnel, the Captain and local authorities.