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Flight Information

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Please be at the airport for check-in at least 2.5 hrs before departure for your international flight. If you are departing from a busy airport such as Newark, Chicago O’Hare or Washington Dulles, we recommend you arrive for check-in 3 hours before departure.
Internet and/or kiosk self-service check-in may be available depending on which airline you travel with.

If your flight tickets are electronic, you can check-in by showing your passport to the agent at the check-in counter.
Please retain the baggage tag issued at check-in until you have collected your luggage.

Some code-share flights may be operated by a different carrier than the one shown on your itinerary. Please see the website of your booked airline for more information and where you can access your booking and print a copy of your e-ticket by entering your name and booking reference number

Baggage through check-in

If you have a connecting flight from North America to Norway with SAS, Norwegian or Widerøe and a connecting flight to another destination within Norway from Oslo, you can take your hand luggage directly to the gate mentioned on your boarding pass.
When you have left the plane, you will be guided by the sign “ Transfer” directly into the departure hall and to Gate D2, where you find Customs and an information board.

Please double check from the board if your luggage has been processed to your final destination and check your actual gate and departure time due to possible gate changes. If you are holding separate tickets on different airlines as mentioned above, it is usually not possible to check baggage through. Please check in your luggage again at Oslo airport for your connecting flights.

Checked-in luggage does not have to be collected if you are connecting through an airport outside of Norway, such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen. On your return flight, your luggage will also have to be collected at the first point of entry into the United States or Canada, even if your baggage is labeled to go to your final destination. After clearing customs with your baggage, hand in your bags at the check-in desk of your connecting airline. At some airports there are baggage drop desks after customs for passengers connecting to their final destinations.
If you are holding separate tickets on different airlines it is usually not possible to check baggage through. Check in staff will advise you whether baggage may be through checked.

Checked bag allowance*

Airline Code Economy Class Premium Cabin Baggage
British Airways BA 1 bag at 23kg/51lbs Club Europe 2 bags at 32kgs/71lbs
KLM KL 1 bag at 23kg/51lbs n/a n/a
Norwegian Air DY 1 bag at 23kg/51lbs n/a n/a
SAS SK 1 bag at 23kg/51lbs SAS Plus 2 bags at 23kgs/51lbs

*Checked baggage allowances refer only to flights booked through Hurtigruten.

Carry-on baggage allowance

Airline Code Economy Class Premium Cabin Baggage
British Airways BA 1 bag* Club Europe 2 bags at 23kgs/51lbs
KLM KL 1 bag at 12kg/26lbs n/a n/a
Norwegian Air DY 1 bag at 12kg/26lbs n/a n/a
SAS SK 1 bag at 8kg/17lbs SAS Plus 1 bag at 8kgs/17lbs

*No weight restriction, however passengers must be able to lift bag into the overhead locker unaided.

Airlines may charge for checked baggage.
Please check your itinerary or your airline’s website for the most up-to-date information.
Excess baggage must be paid upon check-in or you may pre-pay on the airline’s website.
(Pre-paying may be less expensive than paying at the airport.) Any single piece of luggage weighing over 32kgs/71lbs will not be accepted for carriage.

Cabin baggage security information

The following restrictions apply to liquids including creams, pastes, gels and aerosols carried in your hand luggage:

  • Liquids may only be carried in containers that hold 100ml /3.4 oz or less and must fit into a closed, transparent, resealable 20 x 20cm (approximate 8x8in) plastic bag, which are available at the airport (charges may apply).
  • Please bring a medical certificate with you if you need to carry higher amounts of liquid prescription medicine with you. Special dietary meals and baby milk may be carried on board.
  • Duty-free articles purchased at the airport or on board flights are exempt from this rule. Make sure you show the boarding pass of your connecting flight when buying liquids at your first departure airport so that the check-out will place your purchase in a specially-sealed bag that will be accepted at the security check of your next airport.

No sharp or pointed objects are allowed in your hand luggage. If you are carrying needles for medical purposes you need to bring a doctor’s certificate with you to show at the security check at the airport.

Delayed or damaged baggage

Please immediately report any missing or damaged baggage to the airline’s handling agent’s desk. These desks are located close to the baggage carousel. Reports must be made before proceeding through customs. Please note that airlines do not normally compensate for minor damage to your baggage that may occur while your luggage travels on the airport’s conveyor belts.

Other useful information about your luggage

Please label your luggage with the Hurtigruten luggage labels provided. We recommend that you also label the inside of your luggage with your address and phone number. Please do not pack any valuables, keys, travel documents, medicine or perishable items in your checked baggage. Pack these items in your hand luggage.

Food and drinks

On economy flights within North America, complimentary drinks are usually available, while snacks may be bought on longer flights. We recommend that you buy refreshments at the airport before boarding or have a credit or debit card available for purchases on board. On business or first class flights within North America, a complimentary meal and drinks are served on longer flight. On intercontinental flights, a complimentary meal and snack with drinks are served in all flight classes. Please let us know at least 72 hours before departure if you would like to order a special meal (for example, a vegetarian meal), on your intercontinental flight.