Træna – Arctic Circle adventure

One of the most beautiful places on the Arctic Circle, Træna is a wild and natural area of islands, islets and reefs 33 miles offshore mainland Norway. The community dates back to the Stone Age and today is a hotspot of outdoor adventure.

  • Norway’s oldest fishing community, dating back 9000 years
  • Set directly on the Arctic Circle
  • Wide range of exciting outdoor activities
  • Hosts Trænafestivalen - one of Europe’s most spectacular festivals

At the very edge of the Arctic Circle, 33 nautical miles from the mainland, the islands that make up Træna rise from the sea. Træna is made up of more than 1,000 islands, reefs and islets with great hiking trails and spectacular views. Only four of the islands are populated: Husøya, Selvær, Sanna and Sandøy. The islands lie along the Trænafjorden to the southeast and the Norwegian Sea to the west. Træna Lighthouse is located to the south of the municipality.

This was one of the first settlements in Norway, with relics that date 9,000 years back to the Stone Age. At Sanna, you can visit a mountain cave - an acoustic cathedral that has been used for ancient rituals for more than a thousand years. Today, Træna is home to 500 people, making it one of the smallest and most remote municipalities in Norway. The inhabitants are called the Sea people (Havfolket).

The Midnight Sun can be seen from early June to late July, and the Northern Lights are visible during autumn and winter. Under these lights, and with stunning natural beauty, Træna has become a fantastic place for outdoor activities, all year round. There are local guides offering kayaking tours, hiking excursions, biking and caving adventures, rafting, fishing, climbing, and even dogsled safaris in the winter.

In recent years, Træna has become widely known for its Trænafestivalen, listed by the Guardian as one of the most remote and spectacular music festivals in Europe. Each summer thousands of visitors come to experience this impressive festival located far out at sea. During the winter when the weather is at its roughest, the islanders arrange a winter festival called Træna Taken by Storm.

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