Narvik – Arctic adventure capital

Welcome to Arctic adventure in Narvik, surrounded by astonishing nature, steep mountains and beautiful fjords. Enjoy a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities all year round, from the polar night to the Midnight Sun.

  • Enjoy world-class ski facilities
  • Visit the world´s northernmost animal park
  • Start your hunt for the Northern Lights
  • Ride the scenic cable cars for an amazing view

Narvik, or Áhkanjárga in the local Sami dialect, is located on the shores of the Ofotfjorden, some 220 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle. One of the most northerly towns in the world, Narvik is a town with an urban touch on the edge of true Arctic wilderness.

In the city, enjoy galleries, shops, and museums overlooked by beautiful mountains. As a coastal town, Narvik has great locally-sourced seafood from the fjords and reindeer meat from the mountains. Narvik also has a fish market with a restaurant that offers unique local cuisine.

The stunning landscape around Narvik offers great outdoor activity possibilities. Most well-known is the Narvikfjellet cable car, taking you up 656 meters above sea level for panoramic views all year and scenic hiking opportunities in summer.

The Otofjord offers excellent fishing in season, and sea kayaking is popular. Many visitors report amazing wildlife encounters on the waters, with killer whales and sea eagles among the highlights.

In winter, Narvikfjellet offers a fully equipped ski resort, and, of course, Narvik is an excellent spot to hunt for the magical Northern Lights. In the summer, the heights offer hiking, mountain biking and camping in amazing surroundings under the Midnight Sun.

To get a view of local wildlife, visitors often enjoy a visit to Polar Park - the world's northernmost animal park, home to predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox.

History of Narvik 

Narvik traces its history back to the Bronze Age and was active in Viking times as well.
Modern Narvik was developed as an all-year port for Swedish iron mines. It was this key role in the shipping of iron ore, which made Narvik a strategic target in World War II. In spring 1940, Allied forces fought against Nazi Germany for two months in a large battle.

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