Havøysund – enjoy the Arctic view

A colourful small fishing village on an Arctic archipelago in the Barents Sea.

Havøysund is a small fishing village of 1,000 inhabitants, with fish processing factories and a boat yard as key economic pillars. You will be struck by the varied and charming architecture, with post-war houses in different colours livening up the shoreline. The Måsøy Museum was established in a building originally built as a rectory. The collection of items consists of 19th century fishing tools and equipment. In addition there are several fixed exhibitions such as a kitchen, living room, school building and line-baiting booth. Norsk Hydro has built a windmill park on the island, which has become a landmark for people at sea. The 15 windmills are located at Gavlen, where the viewpoint and the cafe provide a stunning view to the Barents Sea and the surroundings.

Havøysund is an important cargo loading port for Hurtigruten, making it a hectic port and a quite entertaining view from deck.

Hjelmsøystauren, just off the coast of Havøysund, is a well-known bird mountain. It boasts the highest number of different bird species gathered on a bird mountain in all of Europe. Kittiwakes, common guillemots and razorbills are among the species nesting here.

Port Address
Strandgt. 85 A, 9690 Havøysund
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+47 78 42 30 00


The oldest finds of permanent settlement in Havøysund is from the Neolithic Age. From the late Middle Ages the municipality is known to have included a number of fishing villages. This was also a key area for the Pomor trade with Russia. Virtually all the older buildings in the area were lost during the German forced evacuation of Finnmark in 1944.

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