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Issue 4: Warm Adventures

...In Remote Archipelagos

Spark your imagination with our latest digital magazine. In it you’ll find a medley of inspirational articles about our new warm water expedition cruise destinations, including Galápagos, Cape Verde and the untamed Bissagos Islands. We’ve covered everything from food and dining to wildlife and inspiring people, all garnished with some gorgeous photography and video.

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Issue 3: The Northwest Passage

For explorers by explorers

The mysterious and elusive Northwest Passage has baffled the curiosity of explorers and scientists for centuries. In this issue we uncover the destinations along its path, the environment’s influence on the mighty Polar Bear and the unsung heroes who make our expeditions possible.

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Issue 2: Antarctica

For Explorers, By Explorers

Venture to the great white continent and delve into what makes it such an exciting and entrancing destination. Read all about what it’s like to visit for the very first time, discover why krill are such an important part of the ecosystem and meet Tudor Morgan, one of Hurtigruten Expeditions’ most experienced Antarctic leaders.

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Senja, Norway

Issue 1: The Northern Lights

Discover a World Beyond

The Northern Lights inspires many tales as it does captivate hearts. CEO of Hurtigruten Expeditions Asta Lassesen tells of their everyday magic, we share tips and tricks at catching nature’s light show and we feature some of the far north’s best producers and products inspired by their environment.

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Senja, Norway