Nazca Lines Overflight

An unforgettable flight over the mysterious Nazca lines.

  • See the Nazca lines, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Learn about the ancient Nazca culture
  • Flight with English-speaking guide
  • Thrill of flying in small airplane
  • Difficulty level

    Level 1: Easy - suitable for most people

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    562 €

  • Notices

    It is recommended to wear a hat, sunscreen, a light jacket or sweater, and wear low-heeled, rubber-soled walking shoes.

The Nazca lines´ hundreds of perfectly straight striations, gigantic geometric shapes and figures covering 520 km2 between the Pacific and the Andes have baffled archaeologists for years. Like some strange network of paths drawn across the Earth, they are barely mentioned by Spanish chroniclers of the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, they really only came to the fore about 50 years ago. Interlaced between the long parallel lines are 18 animal figures cut into the ground, including a monkey, spider, birds, a whale, lizard and dog, as well as a flower and a man with a halo. Their size varies between 25 to 275 metres. We board small planes at Pisco Airport for an unforgettable flight over these mysterious lines that still pose so many questions. Since it is impossible to see the lines from the ground, how and why were they drawn so many centuries ago?
Whoever created them undoubtedly used incredibly methodical and accurate means. The design was likely conceived and carried out by the Nazca culture between 500 BC and 50 AD. The Nazcas lived on Peru’s southern coast well before the Incas, but we know very little about them except for what has been found in their tombs. They buried their dead curled up like a foetus, surrounded by pottery and fabrics. Because decorative illustrations on the pots often depict kites and balloon shapes, an amusing but interesting theory is that the Nazcas might have been able to fly in some sort of air balloon.

Practical information

  • Language: English 
  • Included: One bottle of water on the coach.
  • Remarks/requirements: Due to the nature of the tour, guests may feel dizzy during or after the overflight due to the altitude. 1h20 driving and 1h30 in flight. 
  • Wheelchair accessible: This tour is not suitable for guests in wheelchairs.