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Yaghan cultural presentation on board

An anthropologist accompanied by members of the Yaghan community come on board for a presentation followed by some Yaghan singing.

Included in your cruise
  • Meet the Yaghan community of Puerto Williams and learn about their past and their present.
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An anthropologist from Puerto Williams that has worked with the Yaghan community for decades, will come on board accompanied by young representatives of the Yaghan people. 

The Yaghan were the original inhabitants of the southernmost channels and islands of South America. They travelled on canoes made of bark, set small camps near the coasts, and made their livelihood gathering molluscs and hunting sea mammal. Although their material live was quite simple, they enjoyed a very rich cosmovision.  

On the on-board presentation, guests will learn about the traditional live of the Yaghan, the impact of the European arrival, and the challenges they face in modern Chile. 

The presentation will conclude with some singing by the Yaghan children from Puerto Williams. 

Practical information: 

  • Language: English.