A large brick building

Tambo Colorado

Journey to the 15th century and earlier, visiting the Inca and Chincha in the Pisco River Valley.

  • See the well-preserved Inca adobe and stone complex of Tambo Colorado 
  • The Inca Pachacutec transformed the town into an administrative and military centre in the 15th century  
  • There is evidence that the site was used to worship the sun and study astronomy  
  • Gain unique insights into Peruvian national identity and the ancient Inca culture 
  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Active - good mobility needed

  • Duration


  • Max. passengers


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  • From

    162 €

  • Notices

    It is recommended to wear a hat, sunscreen, a light jacket or sweater, and low-heeled, rubber-soled walking shoes.

Step back in time  

Join us on a drive through the desert to the ruins of Tambo Colorado. This was likely built atop an ancient fortress of the pre-Inca culture of Chincha. It was adapted into a grain depository and military centre by the Inca Pachacutec in the 15th century. Even weather conditions have not adversely affected this ancient complex. It continues to be the most interesting vestige of the Inca culture on the Peruvian coast.    

Practical information

  • Language: English.
  • Included: One bottle of water on the coach.

  • Remarks/requirements: Bring a hat, sunscreen, a light jacket or sweater, and wear low-heeled, rubber-soled walking shoes. 
  • Walking information: There is walking over potentially uneven terrain. 
  • Wheelchair accessible: No.