Trek at Chiloe National Park

Visit the fascinating Chiloe National Park, located 58 km south of Castro, by the Pacific Ocean. We start with a drive from the pier, passing Chonchi town and continue along Huillinco and Cucao Lake on our way to the park.

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Throughout this trip, you will learn about the local flora, fauna and the history of the primitive settlements as well as the visit by Charles Darwin in the 1800s. We will also drive by Cucao village and learn about the tsunami that this town suffered in 1960.
When we arrive at Chiloe National Park, which is an area of 43,000 hectares, we will visit the Visitor’s Center. Here you will receive instructions and get ready for your wonderful trek through the park.
The start of the trail consists of 450 meters of easy walking up to the first viewpoint, from where we will observe Cucao Lake and the Pacific Ocean. We will continue another 500 meters to reach the starting point of the “Educational El Tepual Trail”. This trail is a circuit of 770 meters on mostly flat terrain, but with many wooden gangplanks and steps along the path. Along the walk, we will see many different types of trees, such as Coihües, Mañios and Cipreses.
Finally, we walk back to the Visitor's Center (950 meters) to refresh and enjoy an energizing snack before driving back to the pier, where your ship awaits.