Visit Vega and the World Heritage Centre

Experience how generations of fish farmers have maintained a sustainable way of living on Vega Island over the past 1500 years. The now unique eider duck down production has been a central business in the area and you can learn about it first-hand.

  • Get to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Island of Vega.
  • Visit the World Heritage Centre at Vega.
  • Learn about the unique eider duck production.
  • Visit the old fishing village Nes and the unique Eider Duck Museum.
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    Level 1: Easy - suitable for most people

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    349 €

  • Notices

    Suitable clothes and shoes for weather conditions 

Visit the World Heritage Centre and learn how to clean the eider down. We go to the Island Vega by bus and boat, from the port. The first stop will be at the old Fishing Village Nes, with the world's only Eider Duck Museum. After the guided tour in the museum, we continue to Gardsøy and Vega World Heritage Centre, which opened in June 2019. Here you are taken on a journey through the history of the Vega archipelago, from Stone Age settlements to modern Vega. A guided tour will give you an insight to the 1500 years old practice of tending to eider ducks. A tradition which seeks to continue the unique interplay between eider ducks and eider tenders. If you want, you can try to clean down and you get to feel a real down duvet.  

Before we leave the Centre, coffee and homemade Vega lefse will be served.  


  • Language: English and German. 
  • Included: Speed boat from Brønnøysund Harbor to Rørøy Vega, both ways. Entrance Eider Duck Museum, World Heritage Centre and serving of coffee and Vegalefse.  

  • Remarks/requirements: Suitable clothes and shoes for weather conditions .
  • Walking information: 50m from ship to speed boat pier.