The Arctic Cathedral seen from Tromsøya. Its dark and the bridge and cathedral is lighting up the dark night

Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral

Step into the architecturally impressive modern Arctic Cathedral at midnight for a magical classical concert by candlelight.

  • Admire the Arctic Cathedral from the inside, with its impressive glass mosaic
  • Hear traditional Norwegian folk songs and hymns performed by professional musicians
  • Experience the cathedral´s breathtaking acoustics
  • Source inspiration from this profoundly moving musical experience.
  • Direction

    Southbound direction

  • Season

    Available all year

  • Difficulty level

    Level 1: Easy - suitable for most people

  • Duration

    1 hour 15 min

  • Min. passengers


  • Max. passengers


  • From

    95 €

  • Notices

    The programme may vary. There is no guide on the bus.

Clearly visible from the town centre, the Arctic Cathedral stands proudly at the end of Tromsø Bridge. Its architecture is pure, minimalist, yet striking; certainly deserving of its Arctic Cathedral moniker. 

The building is even more impressive when illuminated at night, a bright beacon beneath the dark mountains around. We’ll be visiting near to midnight for an exclusive concert just for us. 

Inside, your attention will likely immediately be caught by the eastern wall behind the altar. The whole wall is stunningly decorated with one of the largest glass mosaics in Europe. 

As the candle lights flicker, this elegant church is filled with the sounds of the most beautiful Norwegian folk songs, as well as some wonderfully powerful classical and sacred selections.  

This incredible musical experience is enhanced by the Arctic Cathedral’s fantastic acoustics, made possible by the shape and size of the building. All in all, it’s a moving way to end the day. 

The arctic cathedral in winter, both the cathedral and the ground is white. The sky is blue The arctic cathedral in winter, both the cathedral and the ground is white. The sky is blue


  • Disembarking port: Tromsø
  • Embarking port: Tromsø
  • Available period: From Oct 15 2022
    • Not available on 09.04.2023 and 31.03.2024
  • Transportation: Bus


  • No filming or photography is permitted during the concert
  • The programme may vary
  • There is no guide on the bus
  • The duration of the concert is approximately 45 minutes