Brown horses eating grass, Sable Island.

Sable Island Landing

Explore Sable Island, one of Canada’s most remote islands. Land upon the beach of this sandy spit of land and walk the dunes with a qualified Parks Canada ranger.

Included in your cruise
  • Beach Landing
  • Potential to view Sable Island Horses, Seals, and Birdlife
  • Walk up to Bald Dune
  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Active - good mobility needed

  • Max. passengers


  • Booking code


  • Notices

    Sturdy footwear and weather appropriate clothing, including wind/rainproof outer layer.

Disembarking on a small boat on a solitary coast is the essence of expedition travelling.  No port, no houses and perhaps no vehicles. Only raw nature, infinite landscapes, and untamed wildlife. No filters of any kind. The real pleasure of exploring the environment with the open mind of the pioneers, of discovering the world as it used to be. 

From the poles to the tropics, nature landings can take many different forms. In Antarctica this could be a walk in deep snow to a penguin colony, in Greenland a tundra walk to enjoy the views of a massive glacier, in Svalbard a cautious approach to a group of walruses resting on the beach, in Africa a walking safari to a hippo pool, in Alaska searching for brown bears through national parks and in Galapagos a stroll on a young lava flow covered by marine iguanas.  

On Sable Island, experience this truly remote sandbank in the Atlantic Ocean, that is home to the rare Sable Island Horse, as well as a thriving seal population. Walk the dunes with Parks Canada rangers and learn about this exciting, unique, and seldom visited destination. 

At Hurtigruten we have the best team of guides and naturalists, the highest safety measures and the strictest environmental protocols to protect the land whilst ensuring an unforgettable experience. 

Practical information: 

  • Language:  English 

  • Remarks/requirements: Sturdy footwear and weather appropriate clothing, including wind/rainproof outer layer 

  • Walking information: Optional walk up to Bald Dune, over sandy and uneven terrain  

  • Wheelchair accessible: No