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Charleston - Historic Walking Tour

Experience the history of Charleston during this two-hour walking tour that takes you deep into the heart of Charleston.

  • Walk through the fascinating history of Charleston
  • Find out why Charleston is the Boston of the American South
  • Learn how Charleston became the birthplace of succession
  • Experience the how and why of the city's indomitable spirt
  • Difficulty level

    Level 2: Easy

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    93 €

  • Notices

    Comfortable walking shoes and clothing recommended

Depart the pier for a scenic ride to the Peninsula of Charleston.  Once there, we begin our history walking tour. You not only see mansions, gardens, and beautiful side streets, your guide introduces you to some of the unique stories that have formed Charleston. Starting off with the founding of the city, reliving the colonial days, retracing the original city and seeing the progression of wealth.

We first dive deep into Revolutionary War history. You find out why Charleston is the Boston of the American South! Did you know Charleston not only had the first decisive victory of the Revolutionary War, but also flew the first American flag? It also had its very own tea party in the harbour. Residents of Charleston even voted for a president before George Washington!

Charleston was also the birthplace of secession during the American Civil War. Emotions about the confederacy still run high today. Not only do you learn how it all began, but about its aftermath and the city’s reconstruction. It took over a century for Charleston to come back to life.

All the while you will be introduced to the culture and spirit of Charleston and her people. Despite or maybe because of its many historical challenges, you find the friendliest people in the USA!


  • Duration: 3h30
  • Language: English
  • Remarks/requirements: Comfortable walking shoes and clothing recommended
  • Walking information: Moderate walking on relatively level terrain
  • Wheelchair accessible: No

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