Copan Archaeological site by Air

Adventure by boat, tuk tuk and plane to visit the Copan Ruinas, one of Honduras’ fascinating archaeological sites.

  • Fly to the mainland Honduras
  • Explore the rich history of the Copan Ruinas
  • Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant
  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Active - good mobility needed

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  • Please note

    We recommend comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and insect repellent.

The tour starts with a boat transfer to Utila Town, there you will take a tuc tuc or golf cart to go to the Utila Airport, where we will board a flight to Copan Ruinas.

Once in Copan, we will first visit the Main Archaeological Site Visitor Center where your guide will explain some of the history of Copan and show you the route that your guided walking tour will make, and view the ceramics and displays at the center, there is also a gift shop and refreshments.

There are four main areas of interest that will be seen during the visit of Copan: The Acropolis, Hieroglyphic Stairway, Ball Court and Great Plaza. The Acropolis is divided into two large plazas, east and west. On the west you will see Temple 11 and 16 with the unique Q set at its base. Temple 11 was built during the reign of Yax Pac and is his most significant architectural contribution to Copan.

This elaborate temple was supposed to be a portal to the other world. The glyphs have now been completely deciphered and depict each of the 16 members of the Copán dynasty. Inside temple 16 a remarkable discovery was made when the intact Rosalila Temple was discovered, complete with relief and paint. Descending from the Acropolis level to the Hieroglyphic stairway, you will have a splendid view of the Ball Court and toward the Great Plaza.

The stairway is covered to protect it from the elements, but you can view the marvel of Mayan writing. It is the longest known text left by the Mayan civilization. Ruler 15, known as Smoke-Shell erected it. The glyphs cannot be read for when the archaeologist rebuilt the steps; they were unable to decipher the text and placed many in the wrong place.

The Ball Court is considered the social center of the city. This is the most artistic ball court in Meso-America, make sure not to miss the unique side markers that resemble macaw heads. The final work on this ball court goes back to the days of ruler 18 Rabbits. The Great Plaza is famous for its stelae and altars that are scattered around this immense plaza. Most of stelae standing today were erected during the time of 18 Rabbits, the 13th ruler of Copan.

Afterwards transfer to a restaurant in town to have lunch. If there is time, you will be able to visit the central park before returning to the airport to take your flight back to Utila. Once in Utila, transfer by tuk tuk to the pier and board the boats to return to the ship.

Practical information:

  • Included: Lunch at Gilfos Restaurant at Hotel Marina Copan including beer or a soft drink.
  • Remarks: We recommend comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Language: English / French
  • Walking information: Approximately 1.5km of walking
  • Wheelchair accessible: Not suitable for wheelchair users.