Stornoway, Scotland

Stornoway - Ancient Lewis and Arnol Blackhouse

Travel across the island to the Beautiful west coast of the island and across to Callanish, and around the coast to Dun Carloway Pictish Broch and then travel north to Gearrannan Blackhouse Village.

  • Callanish.
  • Excellent visitors Centre.
  • Visit Gearrannan Blackhouse Village.
  • Small museum.
  • Difficulty level

    Level 2: Moderate - some mobility needed

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    89 €

  • Notices

    Appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

On leaving the island capital of Stornoway, travel across the island to the beautiful west coast of the island and to Callanish. Described as Scotland’s Stonehenge, the Callanish Standing Stones date from around 3000BC.  There is a total of 32 stones in a circular and avenue design.  It is thought that the site, one of several in the area, was constructed for astronomical observations.  The stones stand like a petrified forest on the flat top of a peninsula which reaches out into East Loch Roag.  Visit the excellent visitor centre to learn more about the site and venture out amongst the stones themselves to experience their mysterious atmosphere. 

Continue around the west coast to the site of Dun Carloway Pictish Broch. Probably built sometime in the last century BC, it would have served as an occasionally defensible residence for an extended family complete with accommodation for animals at ground floor level. It would also have served as a visible statement of power and status in the local area. 

Re-join your coach and travel north to Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, a reconstructed settlement of traditional blackhouses where people and animals lived in close proximity. The houses were made using dry stone masonry and have thatched roofs, distinctively weighted down with rocks. Visit the small museum, enjoy a display of a typical crofting activity such as weaving or butter-making (subject to availability) and take in the views at this dramatic site on the wild Atlantic coast. 

Complete your circular drive as you head back across moorland to Stornoway. 

Practical information:

  • Remarks: Appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes. 
  • Language: English
  • Walking information: Dun Carloway:  access is by short, rough uphill path.  Callanish: walking over grassy surfaces at stones, short path with steps to Visitor Centre. 
  • Wheelchair accessible: No.