Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness

Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness

Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness

Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness

Travel information 10 days MS Fram
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Join us on a fascinating journey of enrichment at sea, where you’ll learn all about the importance of looking after the oceans and nature … and yourself. 

A deep dive into science and nature 

Sailing to Panama from the French overseas territory of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the onboard Expedition Team will enlighten you about the exciting subjects of oceanography, conservation, ship navigation, and the study of marine wildlife. 

This is the perfect expedition cruise for anyone fascinated by the oceans and marine life – and where better to study it than out on the open seas. Immerse yourself in a science-led programme of lectures and hands-on learning with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Expedition Team, that’ll be engaging, enlightening and thought-provoking. 

Discover the key to wellness 

In addition to learning about the natural world, we also bring in elements of health, wellbeing and creative art. Every day our onboard wellness instructors will offer sessions of yoga, tai chi and meditation, giving you the time and space to deepen and nourish a sense of inner peace and personal development. 

Your Expedition Team members have been handpicked for their expertise and knowledge in subjects such as oceanography, marine biology and ornithology, giving you the best guides possible. In addition, you’ll visit the ship’s bridge and get a behind-the-scenes look at our operations, as well as the chance to learn about oceanic navigation.  

Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness
  • Day 1

    Vibrant capital of Nova Scotia

    Your journey begins with a night in Halifax, Nova Scotia’s cosmopolitan capital. This Canadian province sits in the center of the region’s east coast, where its important seaport looks out over one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

    The historic city of Halifax, with its distinctive red-brick buildings, makes for a great start to any adventure.

    Visit a brewery from 1820 or walk up to Citadel Hill National Historic Site, the city’s most famous landmark, whose star-shaped fortress has commanding views over Halifax. Tour the Army Museum to see sentry changes, artillery demonstrations, and bagpipe performances.

    Take a stroll in Halifax Common, Canada’s oldest urban park, which opened in 1763. Art lovers rejoice! The extensive collection in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia includes contemporary works by over 2,000 artists, with a focus on the region’s cultural history.

    The Waterfront Boardwalk is always buzzing with activity and is great for people watching. Visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which has a large exhibit about the Titanic. Close to where we dock is Canada's Museum of Immigration. It’s located at Pier 21, the ‘Ellis Island of Canada’, where thousands of immigrants arrived from all over the world.

    Day 1

    Vibrant capital of Nova Scotia

  • Day 2
    St. Pierre and Miquelon

    A bit of France in the Americas

    In the morning, a transfer will take you from your hotel to the airport, and from there you’ll fly to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

    Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is located just south of Newfoundland. Named after St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, the archipelago changed hands frequently between the French and the British. Today, the islands are an overseas territory of France and are home to a small population primarily based in Saint-Pierre.

    Being so close to Newfoundland, you’d expect the archipelago to share some common features with its neighbor. The similarities stop at climate and geography. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are distinct and unique islands. Not only do they have their own time zone, everything, including the culture, language, music, and cuisine, is proudly French.

    Saint-Pierre’s size makes it ideal for exploring on foot. Soak up the history and heritage as you wander narrow cobbled streets, admiring eye-catching European and Canadian architecture.

    Naturally, the food is ‘magnifique’. Charming bakeries carry the aroma of fresh bread and pastries along bustling streets. Colorful food stalls and restaurants tempt you with classic French fare with local twists. Want to sample some excellent lobster? You’re in the right place—fishing remains the mainstay of the islands.

    Once you’ve soaked up the sights and delights of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, it’s time to board MS Fram. Prepare to experience an entirely different sensory journey, centered on your personal wellness and the science of nature.

    Day 2
    St. Pierre and Miquelon

    A bit of France in the Americas

  • Day 3
    At sea

    Relax into nature’s rhythms

     It’s time to relax and unwind as you settle into the ocean’s rhythm and life aboard this cosy ship. Check out the onboard facilities like the hot tub, gym and sauna, relax in the lounge with a book, and get to know your fellow guests.

    You will meet your Expedition Team, experts in oceanography, marine biology, ornithology, as well as your wellness instructor, who have all been handpicked for this unique expedition cruise. They will introduce you to the range of science, nature, navigation and wellness activities that will be available.

    Your time at sea will be an opportunity to connect with nature. Increasing our awareness and appreciation of the natural environment around us is an important key to mental and physical wellbeing. Our Expedition Team will be on hand to guide your discovery of nature on this ocean crossing, perhaps by helping you identify the seabirds that sometimes follow the ship from deck or by showing you around the onboard Science Center.

    In the evenings, you can relax in the lounge and look forward to some fun activities as the Expedition Team host quiz nights, Q&A sessions, put on movie nights, and hold impromptu talks about the area you’re sailing in.

    Day 3
    At sea

    Relax into nature’s rhythms

  • Day 4-8
    At sea

    Oceans, nature and you

    Over the next few exciting days, you’ll be hands on and happily engaged in a range of activities.

    Oceanography and science at sea

    As we sail from the cool Nova Scotian coast to the warm, tropical climate of Panama, you’ll study the changes in the sea and the effect of ocean currents, like the Gulf Stream, in lectures and workshops. Learn about the differences between marine life along the continental shelf and the deep ocean with the Expedition Team. This might involve observing seabirds or analysing sea water samples in the Science Center.

    Navigation old and new

    You’ll explore celestial navigation, astronomy, and how this compares with modern-day electronic instruments. Discover how explorers of old navigated the seas using tools like a sextant, and how the Vikings used Optical Calcite and the stars. 

    Conservation and Citizen Science

    You’ll tackle issues like the plastic pollution blighting our oceans, and what we can do to reduce this. We’ll explain our commitment to the environment and the steps we’re taking towards becoming a leader in sustainable travel.

    You can join Citizen Science projects that may include: whale spotting for Happywhale, a global tracker; noting cloud and sky conditions for the GLOBE observer in conjunction with NASA; or taking seabird counts.

    Science and art

    Before the invention of micro-photography, scientific researchers on expeditions had to paint their samples. Join a unique art workshop where you can inspect samples under a microscope and try this out for yourself. Or if you prefer, draw your artistic inspiration from the nature around you and paint what you explore.

    Wellbeing and nature: a virtuous circle

    Learn about our symbiotic relationship with nature: where our own wellbeing has a direct and positive impact on the health of the planet. Studies show that regularly interacting with nature makes us healthier and happier. Research also shows that people who feel connected to nature are more likely to behave in ways which promote environmental health, for instance through conservation activities. Explore what actions you can take to maintain this virtuous circle.

    Health and wellbeing

    You’ll have many opportunities to engage in wellness activities and deepen your connection with nature. You can practise daily yoga, learn mantras and meditation techniques, and even join the Expedition Team for a morning mile-long walk on deck. There will also be a range of healthy and delicious vegetarian and plant-based menu options, as well as fresh smoothies, juices and nutritious snacks available on board.

    Day 4-8
    At sea

    Oceans, nature and you

  • Day 9
    At sea

    Findings and conclusion

    As we sail towards Panama on our last day at sea, we bring our onboard programme to a close. You may want to discuss your data counts and findings from your Citizen Science projects with the Expedition Team, or take a last glimpse at the fascinating ocean life under the microscope in the Science Center. Or maybe you’ll simply wish to relax and unwind in the hot tub, sauna or lounge?

    Take some time to observe and appreciate the wonder of the nature around you. Silently contemplate the majesty of the sea or the shifting of the clouds above. Scan for wildlife out on deck while basking in the warmer weather of the Caribbean. You might catch sight of dolphins, flying fish and rare seabirds. Observe the harmony of their movements and notice the calming effect this has.

    The Expedition Team will host a presentation recapping your programme highlights and summarise what we’ve learned along the way. The officers might join you for a farewell dinner and the crew may even put on a talent show for you, if you’re lucky.

    Day 9
    At sea

    Findings and conclusion

  • Day 10
    Colón, Panama

    Unlock more adventures

    Estimated time of arrival is 1:00 PM

    We end our expedition cruise in the bustling port town of Colón, with enriched minds, healthier bodies and plenty to reflect on. Situated at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal, this is a good jumping off point to further explore Panama, the Caribbean or South America.

    If you’d like to add some land adventures to your ocean voyage, you can add on three extra nights with our Post-Programme, staying at an exotic jungle lodge nestled in the rainforest next to Chagres River. There, you’ll visit a rainforest centre and a farm working with reforestation. You´ll also explore the jungle on a boat safari at night and enjoy views of the area by cable car.  

    Another popular Post-Programme option is a visit to Casco Viejo, arguably the most charismatic neighbourhood in Panama City. Stroll along rustic cobblestone streets and across charming plazas, and admire the architecture of colonial churches, mansions and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Remember to taste some of the local specialities, like coffee and cocoa. 

    You can even book another expedition cruise with us from Colón to explore the fascinating coastline of South America, taking in coastal cities, jungle wildlife, and rural villages. Marvel at an impressive feat of engineering as you sail through the locks of the Panama Canal and out to the Pacific Ocean on the other side.

    Whatever’s next for you, we hope that you’ll return home inspired, with a deeper knowledge about our oceans, a greater connection to nature and a better appreciation of how your wellbeing can positively impact the planet. We wish you a safe onward journey and look forward to exploring with you on your next adventure.

    Day 10
    Colón, Panama

    Unlock more adventures


What's included

Included in your voyage


  • Overnight in Halifax before the expedition cruise, including breakfast 


  • Transfer from hotel to airport in Halifax before the expedition cruise
  • Transfer from St.Pierre airport to the ship 


  • Economy Flight from Halifax to St. Pierre & Miquelon 

Expedition Cruise

  • Wellness cruise in a cabin of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner including beverages in restaurant Aune 
  • A la carte restaurant Lindstrøm included for suite guests
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi onboard. Be aware that we sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.
  • Complimentary reusable water bottle to use at water refill stations onboard
  • Complimentary wind and water-resistant expedition jacket

Specialist onboard activities and lectures

  • Hands on demonstrations of navigation, oceanography, and marine biology with our onboard scientist
  • Bird and sea life observation out on deck with our naturalists
  • Stargazing and informative lectures
  • Information on sustainable sailing and Hurtigruten’s commitment to the environment
  • Yoga, meditation and classes by experienced international instructors
  • Healthy and delicious vegetarian and plant-based menu options, plus fresh smoothies and juices
  • Inspiring and informative lectures on health and wellness
  • Workshops on the principles of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing and holistic wellness
  • Daily meditations to let go of stress and calm the mind
  • Daily walks & stretching sessions out on deck

Facilities on board

  • Use of the ship’s Science Center which has an extensive library and advanced biological and geological microscopes 
  • Use of the ship’s hot tubs, panoramic sauna, indoor gym  

Not included in your voyage

  • International flights  
  • Travel insurance 
  • Luggage handling 
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners 
  • Optional treatments in the onboard wellness and spa area  


  • All planned activities are subject to weather conditions 
  • Excursions and activities are subject to change  
  • Please make sure you meet all entry and boarding requirements
  • No gratuities expected 
MS Fram in Greenland
Photo: Stian Klo
MS Fram in Antarctica
Photo: Sandra Walser
Your ship

MS Fram

Year built 2007
Year of refurbishment 2022
Shipyard Fincantieri, Italy
Passenger capacity 250 (200 in Antarctica)
Beds 276
Gross tonnage 11 647 T
Length 114 m
Beam 20.2 m
Speed 13 knots
MS Fram in Greenland
Photo: Stian Klo

The original Fram was the most famous explorer ship of its time, and the achievements of her expeditions are unparalleled. MS Fram brings on the heritage of the original Fram, using the most advanced technology to make her exceptionally well suited for expedition voyages in Polar Regions.

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Icebergs – one of many favorite photo motives when on an expedition with MS Fram
Photo: Tomas Mauch

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