Your Food & Drink Experience

New ports mean new suppliers to work with, new ingredients to play with and delicious new stories to tell on The Svalbard Express and The North Cape Express.

The flavours of the Norwegian coast

The flavours of the Norwegian coast – past, present and future – are at the heart of your experience on MS Trollfjord.

The inclusion of several new ports on the itineraries of  The Svalbard Express and The North Cape Express means we welcome a host of new best-in-class suppliers. They bring with them exciting new food-themed excursions, regional produce and personal histories to share.

And while cruise ship food is always something to look forward to, on MS Trollfjord your food and drink experience goes well beyond the beautifully appointed restaurants. Hands-on workshops and an exciting range of excursions immerse you even more deeply in the flavours, foodies and food heritage of Norway’s coast.

Innovative concepts in cruise ship dining

Your cruise ship restaurants and bars have been strikingly reimagined. The carefully crafted new food and beverage concepts are inspired by archive menus, age-old Norwegian preservation techniques and Norway’s incredible natural produce such as herbs, berries, vegetables and fruit.

When you dine in MS Trollfjord’s three restaurants, you’ll taste foods made with old-fashioned techniques that have seen the Norwegian people through more than one thousand winters. If you like it – and we think you will – you can learn how to use these preservations techniques yourself.

An authentic taste of Norway

Naturally, fish features on the menus. After all, much of Norway’s culture and heritage relies on fishing, and your cruise ship food makes the most of the produce found beneath your ship and all along the coast, from cod and crayfish to seaweed and sea urchin. Vegans and vegetarians can try vegan caviar, made from seaweed in Lofoten.

We’ve also drawn inspiration for our menus from the culture and food of the Sami people. It’s our way of showing our respect and gratitude for everything Northern Norway’s indigenous people have done for the country. You could try traditional Sami dishes, such as meat cut with a Sami knife and served by a chef with a fascinating story about the meat’s provenance.

Exquisite afternoon tea

Leave room to sit down to an exquisite afternoon tea with a Norwegian twist or sit in the bar with a Nordic-themed cocktail that reflects the cool stories of the coast. Sip spirits distilled with glacial water, beer brewed with clear fjord water, or try our very own branded Norwegian aquavit.

Photo: Tom Merton

A foodie education

Cookery classes and tastings form a key part of MS Trollfjord’s themed programme of onboard activities.

Take part in a chef-led workshop and learn to salt or smoke fish, dry age meat, work with seaweed, or preserve food in sugar, alcohol and vinegar. Your creations might even be served in the restaurant the following day.

You could also have the chance to meet our most trusted fish suppliers (they’ve been working in the business for generations), sample seaweed and taste wine, beer and spirits under the guidance of a qualified sommelier.


Onshore culinary encounters

Exclusive new food-themed excursions and onshore activities help further deepen your understanding of the unique flavours of Norway’s coast.

On The North Cape Express, you can try ice fishing, visit a salmon farm, and find out all about king crab. On The Svalbard Express, catch a fish at sea, sample beer from a small brewery, and snack on local delicacies as you listen to stories of troll legends.

It all adds up to a truly exceptional culinary experience.