Norways Coastal Kitchen (Work in progress)

Your voyage with us is also about experiencing authentic local cuisine. Our chefs use fresh ingredients sourced from suppliers all along the coast, giving you a true taste of Norway.

Seasonal delights

From lamb stew and reindeer steaks to more modern fare such as vegan cheeseburgers, you’ll find our menu offers both traditional and more modern dishes. You can look forward to being treated to a range of seasonal Norwegian dishes, as well. Winter is the main season for seafood such as flaky skrei, fresh shrimp, and delectable king crab.

Guests sailing in the fall will delight in the distinctive flavor of the cloudberries we use in our desserts. These tangy berries are known locally as ‘Highland Gold’, a nickname given for their color, rarity, and the income they produce for the people who pick them.

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Read more about our concepts


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Our passions

  • A culinary connection

    Locally sourcing our ingredients is also another way to enhance your experience of the Norwegian coast. Learn about regional specialties, how ingredients connect to local industry and agriculture, and listen to the intimate stories of suppliers on optional excursions. On board, enjoy fresh Arctic char from Sigerfjord in Vesterålen, award-winning cheeses from Aalan farm in Lofoten, and succulent king crab from Troms and Finnmark County. Sailing the areas where these delicacies come from will give you a deeper appreciation for just how bountiful the Norwegian coast’s ‘pantry’ really is.

  • Eco-friendly sourcing

    Many of our ingredients are delivered directly to our ship at the ports we visit. Organic cheeses, Norwegian bread, vegetables, berries, juices, shellfish, ice cream, and much more come from approximately 40 sustainable suppliers and organic farms along the coast. Minimal transport mean fresher ingredients for your dishes, as well as cutting down the energy and emissions involved in transporting and refrigerating these ingredients. Local food sourcing is a win for your taste buds and the environment.

  • Green and vegan

    We are just as passionate as you are about healthy and sustainable eating, and without sacrificing flavor. For vegetarians and vegans, our chefs offer a three-course, plant-based meal that changes every day of your voyage. These menus have been crafted by skilled chefs in a way that will entice even the staunchest meat lovers over to the green side! Expect gourmet dishes such as borlotti bean stew, vegan pancakes, oven-baked pears, beetroot à la Bourguignon, strawberry sorbet, and vegan chocolate mousse.

  • Sustainable economics

    Our Norway’s Coastal Kitchen menus have another benefit: supporting local, home-grown businesses. Some of our food suppliers have existed for centuries here and their brands are well known and cherished in Norway. Others are family-run farms passed from generation to generation, full of personal history. We also help out new ventures and start-ups, including young entrepreneurs who use shoots, peas, and beans to make tasty meat alternatives. In fact, 80% of our food ingredients originate on the Norwegian coast. Regardless of the suppliers’ particular food specialty, background, or heritage, our focus is on quality and sustainable practices. By purchasing from food suppliers on the coast, we help secure vital jobs. This, in turn, benefits individual families, remote communities, and the local economy as a whole. Every jar of jam, bottle of beer, and piece of fresh fish represent a livelihood that supports the Norwegian coast.

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