Tromsø – Honningsvåg – Bergen

The North Cape Express – Half Voyage

The North Cape Express – Half Voyage

Tromsø – Honningsvåg – Bergen

The North Cape Express – Half Voyage

The North Cape Express – Half Voyage

Travel information 7 days MS Trollfjord
8 departures between Oct 2023 and Mar 2024
Price from
2332 €
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Sail the Norwegian coast, one of the world’s longest coastlines, all the way from Tromsø to North Cape, at the top of Europe, then back down to Bergen
  • Come aboard exceptionally designed MS Trollfjord, freshly refurbished in 2023 with the finest materials and ship craftsmanship  
  • Learn about local communities all along the coast, across a range of latitudes, and join a range of exciting optional seasonal excursions
  • Choose to sail in autumn, winter, or spring and experience warmer climate in the south to snow-covered mountains and maybe even the Northern Lights in the Arctic
The North Cape Express – Half Voyage


Join The North Cape Express on an autumn, winter, or spring trip you’ll never forget. See the stunning beauty of the Norwegian coast starting from the Arctic Capital, Tromsø. After taking in the beauty of North Cape, the ship will turn around and begin the journey south towards Bergen.

DAY 1 : Tromsø

Welcome to Norway

Arctic Cathedral and Tromso Bridge
Photo: Posnov / Getty Images

Your Nordic adventure begins in the Arctic Capital, Tromsø. Often called the “gateway to the Arctic”, Tromsø is Norway's northernmost city, buzzing with everything from trendy restaurants and cafés to boutique shops selling local crafts and produce.  

Sitting around 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the city usually has a blanket of snow in the spring and winter, giving the surrounding landscapes the look and feel of a winter wonderland that reflects the Northern Lights whenever they appear.  

Once we’ve welcomed you aboard MS Trollfjord and you’ve settled into your cabin or suite, you’ll meet your Coastal Experience Team. You’ll get to know each member of the team well as they give lectures and organise onboard activities for you throughout your voyage.  

Arctic Cathedral and Tromso Bridge
Photo: Posnov / Getty Images
Tromso harbour
Photo: Visit Norway
Meeting the Sami people at the North Cape
Photo: Rune Kongsro
The port of Honningsvåg
Photo: Espen Mills

DAY 2 : Honningsvåg

The northernmost point

Meeting the Sami people at the North Cape
Photo: Rune Kongsro

Arriving early in the morning, you’ll have a full day in Honningsvåg. The northernmost city on the mainland, Honningsvåg’s landscape is quite distinctive, with barely any trees or bushes. This far north, winters are long and snowfall is high, so get ready for some fantastic winter scenery and activities. 

Feel the snow crunching under your snowshoes as you hike across the plains. You might even be able to try your hand at ice fishing, a beloved winter tradition in the far north. Get a taste of the local delicacy, king crab, which is caught in the waters around Honningsvåg and served year-round. Admire local art in the Once Upon a Dream art gallery, and don’t miss the Honningsvåg Church. This is the oldest building in the area, dating back to 1885. 

The highlight of any trip to Honningsvåg is a visit to the North Cape. This is one of the northernmost points of mainland Europe, and as we’re visiting in winter, we can get there by snowmobile. Standing near the northern edge of Norway and looking out over the Barents Sea under the polar night sky is a truly special experience. Add the ethereal Northern Lights dancing in the sky above, and you’ve got a sight you’ll never forget. 

The cape is marked with a famous globe monument, which demands a selfie or two… or five. When you’re ready, head inside North Cape Hall to warm up, and learn about life in the High Arctic through a short film and a variety of exhibits. 

Having reached the northernmost point of our voyage, we’ll turn around and begin going south as we sail away in the evening. 

Optional excursions
  • Quad Biking to North Cape
    Drive your own quad bike on a thrilling adventure to continental Europe’s northernmost point.
  • North Cape and King Crab Experience - Winter
    From iconic views at North Cape to delicious king crab in Sarnes, join us as we experience the highlights of Honningsvåg in winter.
  • Snowmobiling to North Cape
    Experience raw Arctic nature as your drive yourself on a thrilling snowmobile ride to the European mainland’s northernmost point.
  • Arctic Ice Fishing
    Take a short snowshoe walk to a nearby lake to try your hand at some ice-fishing before enjoying the taste of your freshly hooked and cooked catch of the day.
  • Culture Walk, Beer Tasting, and Local Show at 71°N
    Enjoy a tour of the town, handcrafted beers, and an exclusive play performed by local teenagers about life in the Arctic.

DAY 3 : Alta

The city of Northern Lights

Huskies in the winter landscape in Alta
Photo: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo

Alta is one of the bigger coastal towns we visit, with a population of over 10,000 people. A particularly famous part of the town is Alta River, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. Here, large salmon are regularly caught, with some even weighing up to 24 kg. You won’t regret trying some fresh grilled salmon in one of the local restaurants. 

At 70 degrees north, this town is still far above the Arctic Circle. The area is known for particularly good Northern Lights visibility, so keep your camera ready. If the skies are clear and the conditions are right, you should be able to get some amazing shots of the lights dancing above you. 

You can learn more about this incredible natural light show on a guided tour of the town. The Northern Lights Cathedral even has an exhibition showing how Alta became the epicentre for ground-breaking research of the Aurora Borealis between the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Increased snowfall in the winter allows for some truly authentic Arctic excursions, like dogsledding. The snow and climate of Alta also creates the perfect conditions to build and maintain the Igloo Hotel, located on the banks of river Alta. 

You’ll have the chance to visit and tour the world’s northernmost ice hotel, built out of snow and ice every winter and carved with different artistic themes by local sculptors. Head to the hotel’s ice bar, decorated with handcrafted ice sculptures and order a drink in an ice glass – no ice cubes needed. 

Optional excursions
  • Visit The Magical Igloo Hotel in Alta
    Explore the beautiful Igloo Hotel, made entirely from snow and ice. Even your free drink comes in a glass carved from ice!
  • Dog Sledding in Alta
    Go dog sledding through snowy scenery near The Northern Lights City and meet the enthusiastic dogs that pull you.
  • Uncover the Secrets of the Northern Lights in Alta
    There’s no better place to get a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of the Northern Lights than Alta, known as The Northern Lights City.
Huskies in the winter landscape in Alta
Photo: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo
Beautiful Northern lights at the countryside of Alta
Photo: Jan Hvizdal
Winter sunrise near Lodingen
Photo: Tracey Whitefoot / Alamy Stock Photo
View Of Snowcapped Mountains Against Sky in Lødingen
Photo: Thor Dullum / EyeEm | Getty Images

DAY 4 : Lødingen

Village life and fjord nature

Winter sunrise near Lodingen
Photo: Tracey Whitefoot / Alamy Stock Photo

The administrative centre of a municipality with the same name, Lødingen is a village on the southwestern shore of Hinnøya, with a population of under 2,000. This is a port that our ships used to visit on one of our earlier coastal routes and returning here is a kind of homecoming for us. 

We’ll dock at around midday, using Lødingen as a base for a few hours to explore more of Hinnøya island, Norway’s largest island south of Svalbard. Wander the streets near the port and admire the traditional red fishing huts, or rorbuer, that line the shore. As you walk, you’ll likely notice the calming atmosphere that village life brings. 

The highlight of this visit has to be the breathtaking fjords and mountains that the Norwegian coast is so famous for. Branching off of Andfjord, Gullesfjord cuts into the north side of Hinnøya, bordered by pristine mountain ranges. The area is popular among campers, who stay on the campsite or in cabins and fish for cod in the fjord during winter. 

An optional excursion might take you on a boat safari, giving you the chance to get closer to the fjord. Challenge yourself to a hike in the mountains for the reward of majestic panoramas of the surrounding land and sea.   

DAY 5 : Rørvik

An ancient fishing town

 The wooden deck in the icy sea
Photo: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Continuing south, we’ll leave the land of the Polar Night as we cross the Arctic Circle in the early hours of the morning.  

The Vikna archipelago is a chain of around 6,000 islands, islets and skerries. The largest of the chain, Inner-Vikna, is where we’ll make our next stop. We aim to dock at the port town of Rørvik around midday, remaining there for about a few hours.  

The town and its surrounding areas have a long history, with burial mounds found there that date back to ancient times. The area’s maritime legacy is well-documented across Rørvik’s many museums, particularly The Norwegian Coastal Museum.  

Similarly, at SalmoNor visiting centre, you can take a tour of a modern salmon farm and find out more about the Norwegian aquaculture industry that supplies the world with tasty Nordic salmon.  

Another major export is cod, and the town even has an annual Cod Festival in March. This species of fish is especially common in the waters of the archipelago during winter, so why not indulge yourself in some fresh cod cakes while here. 

Return to the ship in the late afternoon for your penultimate evening on board. Enjoy the ship’s facilities, such as the soothing panoramic sauna or sample some warming local aquavit in the top-deck bar. 

Optional excursions
  • Visit a salmon farm by boat
    Join a boat trip through the archipelago, and learn about the salmon farming industry at a working salmon farm.
 The wooden deck in the icy sea
Photo: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
Rorvik-beach near Henningsvaer on Lofoten Islands
Photo: Shutterstock
Aerial view of a beautiful fjord with mountains in Molde.
Photo: Madrugada Verde / Alamy Stock Photo
 Woman Hiking On Snowcapped Mountain Against Clear Sky in Molde
Photo: Wenzel Prokosch / EyeEm | Alamy Stock Photo

DAY 6 : Kristiansund and Molde

Perfect panoramas

Aerial view of a beautiful fjord with mountains in Molde.
Photo: Madrugada Verde / Alamy Stock Photo

To round off our journey, we’ll visit Molde, the capital and commercial centre of Romsdalen that sits on the southern coast of the Romsdal Peninsula. We’ve stopped at this port many times before on our Coastal Express route, but this time we’ll be making a much longer stop, so you’ll have all the time you need to get your fill of the town. 

There are a number of optional activities organised by your Coastal Experience Team that add to your experience of Molde. Accessible nearby on an optional excursion is the Atlantic Road, an icon of the Norwegian coast that often features in Hollywood movies. 

To get the best panoramic views of the area, join us on a hike up to Varden viewpoint, following the trail from the town centre. Once you’re there, gaze at the town from above at a height of 402 metres above sea level and admire the 222 snowy peaks across Moldefjord.  

If you prefer to stay closer to the ground, you can pop into the Romsdal Museum, one of Norway’s largest folk museums about ten minutes away from the town centre.  

Back on the boat, we’ll end our voyage on a high note with an end-of-trip farewell dinner. Take this opportunity to trade photo highlights and experiences with your fellow travellers one last time. 

Optional excursions
  • The Atlantic Road - A Scenic Bus Tour from Molde
    Let us drive you along the swooping Atlantic Road, one of the most beautiful routes in the world.

DAY 7 : Bergen

Second largest city in Norway

The old town in Bergen with painted wooden houses
Photo: incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo

This journey has taken you from Tromsø to the top of Europe, then all the way down to Bergen in the south. Reflect on your journey as you watch our approach to the last port of the voyage, Bergen, in the early morning.  

You’ve sailed on The North Cape Express, exploring Norway’s coastal landscapes, cities, and villages. During the journey, you’ll have experienced Norway’s varied climate, seen majestic mountains and fjords, and maybe gazed up in awe at the Northern Lights once or several times.  

We hope you’ll cherish each of the memories of The North Cape Express that you’ll take home with you. Come sail with us again soon on another iconic voyage of our spectacular home: the Norwegian coast. 

The old town in Bergen with painted wooden houses
Photo: incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo
 Edvard Grieg statue in Festplassen gardens in Bergen
Photo: Dave Porter / Alamy Stock Photo
The day-by-day programme will give you a few ideas about what you can see and do on your coastal voyage in Norway, but bear in mind that this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience. After all, this is a sailing where the elements rule and weather conditions might vary, which is why every voyage with Hurtigruten is unique.

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