– Adventure to the end of the Earth
  • True polar expedition
    Embark on an adventure unlike anything else with the leader in Antarctic expedition cruises.
  • Another world
    Set foot on the most unique and remote place on Earth. Explore the frozen wilderness on daily landings and activities.
  • Fascinating wildlife
    Meet the curious and fearless Antarctic animals like penguins, whales and seals in their natural habitat.
  • Sustainable travel
    Sail with the greenest expedition cruise fleet. Learn about our planet’s most fragile ecosystems and get a deeper understanding of the world we share.
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Visit the penguins at Bluff Cove on the Falkland Islands.
A walk through scenic Falklands
Experience the Lemaire Channel from a Polar Cirkel boat
Antarctica is probably where you will use most of your memory card


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Explore Antarctica

  • 1

    Half Moon Island

    Enjoy a stay on this staggeringly photogenic island. We will explore the serrated and creviced cliffs, home to a large colony of chinstrap penguins.

  • 2

    Deception Island

    This distinctive ring-shaped volcanic caldera has a navigable opening into the flooded interior.

  • 3

    Yankee Harbour

    One of the main sights here is the large colony of gentoo penguins, estimated to be 4,000 breeding pairs.

  • 4

    Antarctic Sound

    The huge ice shelves of the Antarctic continent give birth to mile-long tabular icebergs. The strong currents of the Weddell Sea bring these massive flat-topped bergs north into the Antarctic Sound.

  • 5

    Brown Bluff

    This 2,440 ft high, rust-coloured bluff is volcanic and the beach is peppered with lava “bombs”.

  • 6

    Cuverville Island

    Cuverville Island boasts the largest known colony of gentoo penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • 7

    Neko Harbour

    Neko is one of the places in this area where we have a chance to land on the Antarctic mainland.

  • 8

    Paradise Harbour

    Paradise Harbour offers another rare opportunity for a mainland landing.

  • 9

    Lemaire Channel

    This wide channel is one of the most beautiful passages in Antarctica.

  • 10

    Petermann Island

    This is a great spot for iceberg and whale spotting, with views across the channel to the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • 11

    Stonington Island

    Tourists rarely visit this rocky island.