Trollfjorden, Raftsundet

Tour operator rates

Port to Port trips are point to point fares that can be sold separately for clients who are looking for a more independent way to travel or used to create your own itineraries by packaging them together with overland travel/hotels/flights and excursions.


The normal port to port rates are when clients travel point to point and have the use of a cabin, with this in mind please enter the distance at the top. Using our port codes enter 'starting from' and 'going to' and the spreadsheet will then calculate the total cost of the distance and give you the price depending on what time of year your clients wish to travel.

You will need to add the meal costs to these rates should your customers require them.

Please note that from 2013 we operate flexible pricing. The price finder will show you the lowest (level C 15% discount) and the highest (level F = rack rate).Only at the time of an actual booking will the applicable price be confirmed.Prices may fluctuate slightly.

If you have any queries on how to use this grid then please email [email protected]

The availability lists are accurate on day of release and are only to give a general indication of availability. Please be aware that this may change from day to day. For up to date availability please use the online booking engine or contact or reservations on

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