Expect the unexpected

A sailing along the Norwegian coast is truly a once in a lifetime experience. But what can you actually expect on a sailing with Hurtigruten?

On one occasion, the Northern Lights began around 7 pm and didn’t stop until 6 am. I went to bed at 3 am, half frozen and very happy.
– Ann Aves

Understandable, many of our guests have great expectations when they decide to book a sailing with Hurtigruten. The postcard pictures tell stories of steep mountains, deep fjords and the magical Northern Lights. Is it really that beautiful, you might think? We let some of our guests speak for themselves. Nine adventurers, seven different nations. This is what they expected, and what actually turned out to be their Hurtigruten highlights.

Connie Koppel
From: Denmark
Travelled with: My husband and my mother

Debbie D.
From: Seattle
Travelled with: My husband

Viktorina Rodionova
From: Russia
Travelled: Alone

In July 2015, I travelled with Hurtigruten from Kirkenes to Bergen, which sparked the interest in taking the roundtrip. Second time around, I expected to see even more ports and towns, and participate in more excursions along the way. The absolute highlight of my latest trip was definitely seeing the Northern Lights for a total of 6 nights! But I also really enjoyed the friendly staff and delicious food.

Because I hadn’t heard that much about Hurtigruten in advance, my expectations were not that specific. What surprised me the most was the authenticity. I love the fact that when you arrive each port, there are not a million people peddling souvenirs or trying to give you a ride to some touristy spot. Instead, we’re stopping to see the real life and history of Norway.

I have travelled in Norway by car and by bus before, and saw the beautiful fjords while hiking. This time, I wanted to see the landscape from the ocean. As I am a photographer, I am interested in different points and foreshortenings. What I enjoyed the most was spending the evening alone out on a deserted deck, taking in the views of darkness slowly descending on snowy mountaintops.

Yann Charles M. Bougaran
From: France
Travelled with: My wife

Robert De Trani
From: Italy
Travelled with: My girlfriend and our 10 month old daughter

Tay Al-Taie
From: Iraq
Travelled: Alone

Frankly, my expectations were low. I’m not a cruise type of person, and not fond of being stuck on a boat. Surprisingly, my worries about being stuck on a cruise totally vanished as soon as I entered the ship. This was due to the staff on board, I felt like being a part of the “family”. If I must pick out one single highlight, I would say the view from deck during the whole trip. Always surprising, Norway is a beautiful country!

We were really excited, but also a bit worried about how it would be to spend so many days on a ship with a small child. It turned out to be very relaxing! The thing I will always remember is Trollfjorden. To experience the ship make a full turn in such small fjord is something you would never think is possible! Hopefully, we can go again with our future older kids, so that we can share these great experiences together when they are old enough to remember it.

I kind of expected the journey to feel quite long, and that I might be a bit bored since I was travelling all by my self. But it turned out great! Crossing the Arctic Circle was really exciting, but I would have to say that the main highlight of this trip was sitting in the outside Jacuzzi on MS Midnatsol, enjoying the view of snowy mountains. I would love another trip with Hurtigruten, especially during summer so that I can witness the Midnight Sun.

Ann Aves
From: Scotland
Travelled with: Six times alone, once with a friend and twice with my father

Bert S.
From: Oregon
Travelled with: My daughter

Dean C.
From: San Francisco
Travelled: Alone

I expected to see Norway off the beaten track, as the ships visit small towns and places that other cruise lines miss. I have actually ended up travelling with Hurtigruten nine times now! After so many great trips, there are so many highlights. If I were to pick one, I would have to say seeing the Northern Lights. On one occasion it began around 7 pm and didn’t stop until 6 am. I went to bed at 3 am, half frozen and very happy.

I had visited Norway before so I expected to see beautiful fjords and lovely small towns, along with excellent harbours. I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth sailing, the mild temperatures in October, and comfortable accommodations. The fact that I could spend hours watching the never-ending beauty from the panorama lounge. And of course, seeing the Northern Lights three nights in a row!

I expected to see extreme natural beauty and to learn about the coast of Norway. What really surprised me on board was the exceptional food. Great variety and quality, and everything was fresh. In my opinion, this is the best food I’ve had on any cruise line.