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Relaxation between meetings

Meetings and conferences on board Hurtigruten are memorable since they are combined with exciting experiences.

Let the participants reveal the adventurer they carry within, and get to know the spectacular surroundings by taking part in the excursions we offer. You can also take a brief break and join in one of the activities that take place on deck. This will recharge your batteries for the next session. 

Take a break and fill all of your senses - storytelling about food and its traditions is a large part of the gastronomic experience on our ships.

It’s up to you

Ask for a tailored package for your favourite journey, suitable for your date of departure. We will find a journey that satisfies your wishes for activity and experience en route. Many companies choose one of the activities on deck or an excursion.

We offer following group activities on deck:

  • Filleting salmon and small tasters of sashimi (30 min.)
  • Cutting cod tongues (30 min.)
  • Dried fish and cod-liver oil (15-20 min.)
  • Shelling shrimp (45 min.)

Seasonal activities on all ships:

  • Spring: Fresh shrimp in the Lyngen Fjord, a talk about bird life along the coast
  • Summer: Troll Soup at Troll Fjord
  • Autumn: Learn more about navigation and lighthouses along the coast, taste mullet and dried reindeer meat, and hear about Saami history
  • Winter: King crab on deck, fish cakes at Troll Fjord, presentation of the Northern Lights and ice swimming in the Barent Sea
  • All year: Baptism at the Arctic Circle on northbound journeys, crossing of the Arctic Circle on southbound journeys

We offer 138 exciting excursions along the Norwegian coast

The same old format rarely produces memorable meetings, and it’s important to break the day up and do something. We offer a total of 60 excursions and activities through the year. These are suitable for team building, or simply as experiences. We will help you choose a suitable excursion, based on the season, the size of the group, and your wishes.