Tor Geir Engebretsen

COO / SVP Maritime Operations

Did you have any explorer heroes when you were a child?

Polar explorer Hjalmar Johansen is in my family, the uncle of my grandfather, and his name recurs in the family. He was Fridtjof Nansen's partner and the two got closest to the North Pole at that time. Their journey home, with the wintering on Franz Josef Land is probably just as familiar.

By virtue of his experience, he was also part of Amundsen's South Pole expedition. The relationship that developed between he and Amundsen, where Johansen challenged boss their decisions, is currently used as a case in leadership development, I think that's exciting. It ended sadly for Hjalmar Johansen, but in retrospect, he has gained considerable recognition for his polar feats.

What’s your fondest memory from a Hurtigruten voyage?

On MS Nordstjernen’s very last sailing as a Hurtigruten ship, we sailed southbound together with some friends, across the Vestfjord, from Lofoten to Bodø. It was summer, with calm seas and lovely midnight sun. We sat on the aft deck for several hours and really took in the moment.

What’s your favorite spot for taking in nature aboard a Hurtigruten vessel?

I think our sailing along the Norwegian coast is the world's most beautiful voyage.

My favorite distance is to sail southwards from Harstad to Svolvaer. Going into Raftsundet afternoon, and down towards Trollfjorden is a great experience.

Particularly the period from April-June is my favorite, when snow still lies in the mountains.


Bachelor Degree in Administration from the University of Agder.


Tor Geir Engebretsen joined Hurtigruten as CCO / SVP Maritime Operations in August 2016. From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Engebretsen also worked in Hurtigruten were he started as a project leader for the efficiency program, running through four phases. From 2013 to 2014 he held the role as COO Maritime Operations.  Since 2002 he has been partner in the executive consultant company DHT Corporate Services. Between 1984 – 2002 Engebretsen hold the roles as SVP Project Manager Turn Arounds and integration and SVP HR/Organisation within Norsk Hydro.

He has also been working with other shipping companies, like Fjord 1, and with maritime technology companies.