Anne Marit Bjørnflaten

SVP Sustainability and Corporate Affairs

When did you first catch the spirit of adventure?
Actually, it was with Hurtigruten. When I was twelve years old, some friends and I bicycled from our hometown to Finnsnes, then travelled by Hurtigruten to Harstad. It was our first trip on our own. We had to leave in the middle of the night to make it on time. The ride was a long one and it wasn’t easy to get there, but I’ll never forget the feeling of independence and freedom when we were finally standing outside on the deck.

If you could depart tomorrow, what would be your ideal adventure?
With MS Fram or MS Midnatsol to Antarctica - definitely. I've been dreaming about it for many years. Exploring some of the most untouched places in the world, while kayaking among the seals and snorkelling in the ice-cold water. I'm going to do it soon!

What’s your favourite spot for taking in nature aboard a Hurtigruten vessel?
On deck of course. There’s nothing like standing on the deck, gazing at the northern light above you or at the midnight sun. You feel the wind, smell the ocean and take in all the scenery - you’re at one with nature. I also strongly recommend sitting in a hot tub out on the deck on MS Trollfjord in ice cold weather and checking out the beautiful surroundings!


  • History, Political Science and Media Studies at the University of Tromsø and Oslo


  • Member of Parliament 2005-2013
  • Chairman of the Standing Committee on Justice  2005-2009
  • Deputy chairman of the Standing Committee on Transportation
  • Head of Communication NST
  • Political adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Journalist, NRK Troms

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