Sustainability: A footprint we are proud of

Hurtigruten Group is the world leader in exploration travel, and the world’s largest expedition cruise company. This comes with a responsibility to ensure that sustainability is integrated across all of our operations. With the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we focus on innovation, technology and concrete measures to explore as responsibly as possible.

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Hurtigruten Group has been operating in and exploring some of the most challenging waters in the world since 1893; our roots go back to the Norwegian polar heroes. Today we are facing the greatest and most difficult challenges in our more than 125-year history. Climate change, plastic waste and unsustainable mass tourism, which are all altering vulnerable ecosystems and threatening wildlife.

As we enter a new era of expedition crusing and adventure tourism, Hurtigruten Group aims to raise and set new standards for the enture travel industry.

That is why we

  • are building the first ever hybrid-electric powered expedition cruise ships
  • are the first major travel company to have removed single-use plastic from all our entire fleet and our hotels
  • invest in educating our guests and creating ambassadors for every destination on every voyage through actively engaging guests in the cultures we visit, the ecosystems we explore, and the consequences of climate change we observe

UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework

Our business and operations directly impact many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially those linked to responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water, and more. This is where we believe we can have the most positive impact--for society as a whole and for our business, both now and in the future.

In addition, we have chosen four SDG goals that represent our very foundation, our licence to operate. These are goals related to quality education, gender equality, peace, and justice. They represent the values that sit at Hurtigruten's core, and are embedded in everything that we do.

Building on our passion, competence and heritage, Hurtigruten Group – with our dedicated crew and staff - is determined to address these challenges. We will leave behind a footprint we are proud of, contribute to sustainable development and create positive change through our operations.



Hurtigrutens substainability video 2020

Sustainable operations: Respecting and protecting wildlife and destinations

Exploring some of the most spectacular wildnerness on our planet - and visiting the cultures that call them home - is an important part of every Hurtigruten voyage. This obligates us operate with respect and sensitivity. Hurtigruten is taking the lead in preventing degradation by mass tourism, respecting indigenous communities, and providing experiences without leaving permanent impacts, except for the impressions on all our explorers.


Science, innovation and technology

Hurtigruten is setting a new industry standard by building the world’s first hybrid-electric powered expedition cruise ships. These revolutionary ships are packed with green technology, and will be the backbone of the greenest and most advanced fleet of expedition ships than the travel industry has ever seen. Hurtigruten implemented a voluntary ban on heavy fuel oil more than a decade ago, and advocates for the rest of the industry to follow.


Gender Equality Policy

Hurtigruten is committed to fulfill our responsibility to respect and uphold human rights. 

All employees of Hurtigruten shall be given equal opportunities for employment and professional development, regardless of their gender, ethnic and cultural background, religion, age, sexual orientation, functional ability, and political view.


Hurtigruten Foundation

Hurtigruten established Hurtigruten Foundation to ensure that our guests of tomorrow can enjoy the same meaningful travel experiences as our guests do today. Hurtigruten Foundation is funded by onboard activities and donations, and focuses its efforts around three main pillars: Conserving the world’s marine wildlife, fighting against marine and plastic pollution, and supporting local and global projects in the areas Hurtigruten explores.


Hurtigruten Group Sustainability report 2018: A footprint we are proud of

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