The Green Pioneer

– Meet MS Roald Amundsen

We want our guests to visit unique destinations in an eco-friendly way. As we enter a new era of travel driven by sustainability, we're setting the standard for the industry to follow. In 2019, we're adding MS Roald Amundsen to our fleet - the world's first hybrid-powered expedition ship.

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The corner suite has a large balcony with a private hot tub.
The science center is at the very core of your on-board experience. Packed with state of the art equipment, the edutainment area will give you a deeper understanding of your destination.

Cruising with Hurtigruten

– World Leader in Exploration Travel

The Expedition Team cruising at Damoy Point, Antarctica.

We're taking adventure travel into the next century. Our mission is to take you on sustainable nature experiences at the polar edges of the world - and all the unique destinations in between. Our sailings are created for adventurers who value travel with meaning, learning and personal growth. The oceans are our home. Let's make them yours.

The Expedition Team cruising at Damoy Point, Antarctica.
The Expedition Team cruising at Damoy Point, Antarctica.

At Hurtigruten we give you the opportunity to travel with meaning. Building on our explorer heritage dating back to 1893, our explorations are grounded in the likings of people who value learning and personal growth over luxury.

We are world leader in sustainable explorer travels in Polar Regions. We offer unique experiences and impart knowledge in a way that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.